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Easy Tiffin Recipes

Dec 10, 2018

Packing a lunchbox every day with tasty and nutritional recipes seems difficult but it is not impossible. With a little bit of advanced planning and simple recipes, it is possible to fill your lunch box with a variety of food. Variety of food energizes you and your family in a healthy way besides keeping the taste buds alive for flavorful treats.

You are not able to think instant and easy tiffin recipes because you are not involved every day in thinking process of what to cook for tiffin. Once you start putting a small amount of involvement every day, you will be able to collect thoughts immediately. Then it will become a routine for you. When we provide common food like simple idli & chutney, dosa, roti & sabji, poha, upma etc. in our kid’s tiffin or in our own tiffin, we actually feel bored to open it and enjoy the food. Only after our hunger cravings, we finish it without any leisure. But, when our kid’s tiffin comes back untouched, it breaks our heart because when they don’t like something— they don’t like it. By adding a little twist in simple recipes we can actually make them interesting enough to gobble up. Let’s see some ideas for quick tiffin recipes.

Paneer Toast – A Toast to Nutrition and Taste
Take a pan and heat a teaspoon of oil. Add finely chopped onion, green chilli, capsicum and sauté. Add finely chopped tomatoes. Add red chilli powder, chaat masala, salt and garlic powder and mix well. Now add grated Sun Village paneer and mix well with the mixture.

Take jumbo bread. Apply butter on one side. Spread the paneer mixture on the other side. Grate cheese on it and place it on a heated non-stick pan. Let buttered side cook till golden brown. Take off the cooked slice from the pan and cut into two triangle halves. Your Paneer Toast is ready. Fill a small box of ketchup. Consider wheat bread for a healthy option.

Fruit Picks – Little sweet, little sour and totally fresh
Now, this is a very simple and yummy fruit raita recipe that can completely melt you down and let you crave for more and more. For making fruit picks you first need toothpicks. Then you need some fruits like Kiwi, Apple and Strawberry or Cherry. Strawberry or Cherry are in options because of the red colour factor. Whatever is available from these two will do fine. Now cut fruits like apple, kiwi in medium-sized dices. So, as to be in the same proportion and can be easily picked by the toothpicks. Now put apple, kiwi and strawberry or cherry in each toothpick. Sprinkle chaat masala on it. Spread Sun Village Pineapple Raita on the toothpicks evenly and they’re ready to eat. This recipe does not take much time and is very healthy for everyone.

Chinese idli – When South India Meets North Asia
A lot of kids are after Chinese food these days. Be it Noodles, Manchurian, Fried Rice and more. It is very hard to keep them away from their Chinese taste. So, here’s a recipe which will keep them away from the white maida flour and still be in love with their Chinese cuisine. There you go!

For saving time, you can steam idlis a night before the morning and save them in the refrigerator when they cool down. Mini idlis will do fine or medium-sized idlis cut in four will also do great. Finely chop carrots, onion, capsicum and cabbage. Slit two green chillies in halves. Finely chop garlic cloves and ginger and keep aside. Now the cooking begins!

Add one/two tablespoon oil in a pan. Add finely chopped garlic, ginger and green chillies and sauté. Add onion, sauté. Add carrots, cabbage and capsicum, sauté on high flame. Now add red chilli sauce, soya sauce, noodles masala, red chilli powder and salt. Mix everything well. Add idlis and again mix it well. Cook for some time and take the flame off. Here’s your tasty recipe for children’s tiffin or for your own tiffin ready to rock.

There are many interesting things in the world which grab our attention. But food, it just takes away our attention from our work, studies or any important tasks we are up to do (redundant). We also have a habit of peeping into others’ tiffin box and envy those who bring something delicious and different than the routine. But it is that we don’t want to invest our few minutes for thinking up some creative stuff for ourselves. Yes, it is hard to be creative enough in during the morning’s hectic runaround time. Here are some tips to manage the routine. Buy your fresh vegetables and fruit on weekend. When you buy your vegetables and fruits just put a thought behind it like what will stay fresh at the middle or end of the week. Buy that stuff and also buy some that can be used at the kickstart of your week. Always store some important things in your kitchen and refrigerator. Like fresh cheese, paneer, butter, curd etc. Various sauces are must-haves. Like mayonnaise, thousand island, mustard sauce, Caesar dressing etc. in the refrigerator. Ginger-Garlic powder or paste, noodles masala, pepper powder, chaat masala, oregano, chilli flakes are some important spices to store. Cut some vegetables a day in advance that doesn’t leave too much moisture. Store vegetables in veggies bags and moisture lock boxes after they are washed and thoroughly dried. This is it! Meet you soon with more tips and tricks to save your days.

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