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Love for Paneer aka Cottage Cheese

Dec 27, 2018

From all the by-products made from milk, paneer is one of them which can be used in many ways in various recipes and still it will mingle with the taste you like. Paneer is an excellent dairy product, similar to an unripened variety of soft cheese. Spongy and soft paneer is a lovely treat for the taste-buds and appetite. It can be eaten raw or cooked. Acting as a meat substitute for vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the list healthy diet, paneer finds an eminent place in the Asian kitchen.

Paneer aka Cottage cheese is an amazing addition to the healthy diet because it is full of protein and calcium and plus it’s versatile in nature. It has lower fat content than most of the other cheeses and that’s why it is a popular portion of low-calorie food. The delicate milky flavour of delicious paneer is tempting enough to push the desire of having it. It can be used in interesting ways in curries, starters and desserts. The main advantage of paneer is that it doesn’t have a melting quality compared to other types of cheeses. Regular consumption of paneer can be of great advantage to health. Paneer can also be used as a healthy snack during snack time.

Paneer repairs and builds muscles while helping the organs to function optimally. 100 gms of healthy paneer gives nearly 18 gms of protein. People who do rigorous exercise or weight training in gym need more protein. Other than going for artificial protein substitutes that harms the body, natural protein source paneer is a good option for the fitness freaks. As paneer is loaded with protein, it can keep hunger pangs away. When you cut down on hunger cravings, it keeps you away from all the junk you long for. Protein and calcium along with vitamin D in Paneer make bones and teeth strong.

Paneer is beneficial for pregnant women. It’s a good source of essential nutrient like folate which can help in fetal development during pregnancy. Highly recommended by the nutritionists, paneer is rich in calcium and phosphorous, that can also help in healthy fetal development. It also provides much-needed energy during pregnancy as pregnant women face weakness, morning sickness, nausea, tiredness etc. frequently.

Paneer improves digestion. A good amount of phosphorous in paneer can cure the problem of indigestion in people. It helps in releasing calories in the body due to which insulin resistance of body is controlled. The dietary fibres in paneer are very beneficial for metabolism which converts food into energy. Magnesium, one of the important elements in paneer can prevent the problem of constipation due to its laxative effect.

Paneer is good for fat loss. The ever yummy and delicious paneer is a great source of conjugated linoleic acid(CLA). CLA is naturally produced by grazing animals like cow, buffalo, goat and deer. These animals have a distinctive enzyme in their digestive system which converts the omega-6 fatty acids in green plants to CLA. It is further stored in milk and muscles tissues of animals. CLA is also a naturally occurring fatty acid present in milk products like paneer and it can cause modest weight loss in humans. When the intake of paneer is regular, it can naturally help in losing fat.

Paneer controls blood pressure. It is a super source of potassium. Potassium helps kidneys to work more smoothly and bring blood pressure on a healthy level. Blood pressure can be controlled by potassium as it regulates the negative effects of salt like sodium in the body.

Paneer improves the immune system. The compound in paneer fortifies the immune system against the viral infections. Diseases like cough, common cold, bronchitis can be controlled by regular intake of paneer. In kids, paneer can build a strong immune system to control such seasonal ailments which hinders their activities.

Paneer prevents stroke. The high flow of blood to the brain usually causes a stroke. The eventual decrease of blood pressure with paneer can note a reduction in risks of stroke. Potassium in healthy paneer can also enable the retention of fluid while decreasing muscle cramps during such a harmful situation.

Paneer is beneficial for both men and women. Paneer can reduce menopause stress and cramps in women that frequently occur after the menstrual cycle discontinues. Women are also at risk of osteoporosis after menopause. Good amount of calcium in paneer can prevent the incidences of osteoporosis which makes bones brittle. Zinc in paneer enables the male body to produce testosterone. It prevents the erectile dysfunction in men and improves the sperm count. Deficiency of zinc results in hair loss, eye and skin-related problems. So, it is always necessary to have a natural content of zinc in the food we eat.

There are hundreds of paneer recipes on the internet making people more enthusiastic about using it in tasty ways. Like, make Palak Paneer, a traditional dish, Mutter Paneer or Paneer Butter Masala in tomato gravy with a combination of indulging spices, or paneer pakodas by dipping it in a seasoned and spiced batter of besan and then frying instantly. Cook it in tandoor with bell pepper and tomatoes or simply toss with little butter, some salt and spices. You can also make a filling and use it in a sandwich or parathas. Use it in salads with the garnish of olive oil, honey and some seasoning. In any way, paneer will match your taste with the healthy benefits it carries. Just don’t unnecessarily crave but have paneer in your routine diet to give a nutrition check to yourself. That’s how you can express your love for paneer and yourself.

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