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The spillover benefits of chocolate and chocolate milk for children

Jan 17, 2019

Chocolate is not only tempting in a form of a bar. There are numerous forms, types and natures of chocolate. They are preferred like a bar, like a stick, in form of balls, in ice-creams, thick shakes, milkshakes, and cakes. They are also loved as flavoured, melted, sprinkled or grated pleasures on top of desserts. Going back in 2015 a research showed that approximately 1 billion people eat chocolate every day. That’s a wow but why? Chocolate contains a neurotransmitter called anandamide. Anandamide is also present in the brain. Ananda from Anandamide comes from a Sanskrit word ‘Ananda’ which means joy or bliss. That’s why chocolate gives you joy when you consume it. It also releases dopamine another feel-good chemical which stimulates the brain for a euphoric and motivated behaviour. These are the reasons why people like it more and more along with the mellow taste it produces. But binge eating chocolate is also not a good option as it can cause a headache, insomnia, diabetic risk and risk of obesity. On the contrary side, it has many benefits when taken in modest portions.

When it comes to kids, parents try to avoid giving chocolate to them unless they have to bribe them to complete some of the tasks or reward occasionally for behaving good. Also, they serve chocolate milk occasionally when they want to give their children a break from plain milk which eventually keeps children’s love for chocolate milk intact. Chocolate milk has miraculous health benefits for children. Most of the parents don’t know the benefits of chocolate milk and chocolates but now it’s time to rejoice and keep chocolate milk close to the children.

Benefits of chocolate milk are the nutrients that help in the healthy growth and development of children. These nutrients are calcium, protein, vitamin D and potassium. In a study, the higher consumption rate of milk was noticed when chocolate is added to the milk. The only obviousness is that excess of anything is bad and balance of any intake is good. These means eat your favourites but in particular portions.

After every trial of giving different kinds of flavoured milk to children, they mostly like chocolate milk. But, whether to serve it daily or not is a bit confusing part. Children need a good dose of vitamin and calcium as they need to be active all day enjoying their childhood and preparing for their studies and sports. At least 2-3 dairy servings a day can keep them at pace with the nutrition they need. Of course, the addition of chocolate to milk adds sugar and some calories in the diet with its tempting taste. But, chocolate is a love mixed in the milk.

Let’s check out the benefits of chocolate milk which makes us fall for it more and more –

  • Eating chocolate or drinking chocolate milk can help restore healthy skin without the enticement of acne and help in overcoming skin related issues.
  • Hot or cold, chocolate milk tastes great and kids love to drink chocolate milk.
  • Chocolate milk contains high-quality protein which helps in building lean muscles. The combination of carbohydrates and protein in chocolate milk can help tired muscles recover from a rigorous workout.
  • Taking a bite of chocolate lifts your mood and makes you feel rejuvenated while boosting the energy levels.
  • Chocolate contains substances which affect mood-regulation hormones in the body such as serotonin – known for contributing to well-being and happiness. This ultimately lifts the mood of a person who enjoys chocolate.
  • The cocoa powder which is used in chocolates contains certain flavonoids which help in the prevention of inflammation, for the increase of antioxidants and boosts the insulin sensitivity.
  • Flavonoids in cocoa powder are as beneficial to heart like flavonoids present in some fruits and wines. Same good factors can be gained by children from chocolates.
  • People who cannot tolerate lactose can tolerate chocolate milk better than plain or unflavoured milk.
  • Chocolate immediately boosts blood circulation within the body. Chocolate milk supports the development of brain functioning in children.
  • The antioxidants in the chocolate prevent children from damaging the body internally as it takes care of the free radicals in the child’s body.

Overlooking the benefits of chocolate milk is one best food gone wasted. Eating good-quality chocolates in smaller quantities or drinking chocolate milk once or twice in a day doesn’t hinder health. A balance in regular consumption of this cherished drink can ensure that a child gets the benefits of chocolate milk by being away from the potential side effects of it. Continue to encourage the kids by giving their favourite taste of all time.

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