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Why do dairy products need to be added in daily diet?

Dec 03, 2018

Who knew that tales of beautiful princesses and mightiness of great warriors can be outcomes of milk? Cleopatra bathed with donkey milk to preserve her beauty and youth. Many Indian queens also drew a milk bath with honey, rose petals and essential oil to stay fragrant all day long. Milk contains lactic acid which removes dead skin cells and hydrates the body. It also contains anti-ageing properties and leaves skin soft and supple after the bath. Whenever a king touched the queen’s skin it felt velvety soft and it made king go crazy. Even today in Indian culture milk with almonds is served on the first night of newlyweds. Milk is said to increase strength and sexual vigour. Most of the Kamasutra aphrodisiacs are based on milk, honey and sugar. Milk is magical! So are the Health benefits of dairy products which are outcomes of milk.

Often we envy the energy of our grandparents and their fittest body. Whenever we see their old portraits or photographs, we witness everlasting beauty and toughness and feel proud of belonging to their generation. My grandmother’s endearing charm and elegance used to leave me flabbergasted whenever we visited her in my village. I used to ask her how she managed to maintain her charming bright smile over the years while I savored the tastiest food she prepared through her hectic chores. She always had one answer. She said that I complete my food with milk, curd and ghee. She was true in fact. Whatever goes inside the body reflects externally on the body. Advantages of dairy products can also be seen when you start adding them in your daily diet. As most of the digestion and skin problems are related to food only, health benefits of dairy products can be easily achieved from day one or two of consuming them.

When people have a choice of making a list for their diet, they first cut-off dairy products from their list. One should completely know about the dairy products benefits before they come to the conclusion that dairy products have more calories. Milk is a rich source of protein, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin B12, vitamin D and minerals too. Cattle feeding only on green grass have higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acids, beneficial anti-oxidants, beta-carotene which helps in reducing inflammation and fight oxidative stress. Great advantages of dairy products can be taken today with various forms of dairy products available in flavours – like flavoured milk, creamy and low-fat yoghurt, cottage cheese, fruit raita and ghee. This means dairy products benefits are not only appealing to health but also to taste.

Some of the major dairy products benefits that help us stay magically ageless are:

  • Protein in dairy products is necessary for growth and development, cellular repair and immune system regulation. It prevents age-related muscle loss, helps in building muscle and provides fuel during exercise. Protein also boosts muscle repair in athletes and increases metabolism in every consumer.
  • Milk proteins such as whey protein may promote insulin sensitivity, improve glucose tolerance and help in weight control.
  • Calcium and vitamin D content in dairy products maintains bone health. 2-3 servings of dairy products a day fulfill the right amount of calcium requirements in the body. By including yoghurt, raita, ghee in lunch and dinner or milk in breakfast cereal can fulfill the right amount of dairy content.
  • Minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium found in dairy products maintain healthy blood pressure. Potassium, in particular, helps regulate fluid and balance of minerals in the body. These dairy products benefits ease hypertension and stress levels. Yoghurt and milk both provide a rich amount of potassium to the body.
  • Phosphorous and magnesium may enhance calcium’s beneficial effects on the fat breakdown of cells. Phosphorous is important for kidney’s ability to filter wastes and for energy storage and usage. Its adequate amount of intake can help reduce muscle pain after a physical activity.
  • The conjugated linoleic acid in dairy products known popularly as CLA slows down the development of mammary tumours in animals. Especially, postmenopausal women with high levels of CLA in their blood and tissues have nearly 70% less chance of breast cancer.
  • Cheese and milk protein fights the formation of dental plaque and helps to coat the teeth. They decrease the amount of fermentable carbohydrate in the mouth and dental caries that are tiny holes in the teeth.
  • A research says that consumption of yoghurt daily with other balanced and healthy diet can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and obesity.
  • Cottage cheese has extensive health benefits of dairy products. It contains an adequate amount of phosphorous to help improve digestion and excretion. Magnesium in cottage cheese prevents constipation. Vitamin B-complex known as folate in cottage cheese can help in fetal development in expecting mothers and in the production of red blood cells too.

Tasty and irresistible options are available to make you add milk to your diet. Have it as it is or indulge yourself into a recipe—dairy products are must-haves in the diet to cheer life with health and beauty.

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