Creamy Delite Dahi
Creamy Delite Dahi
Creamy Delite Dahi

Creamy Delite Dahi

Sharing the unbelievably creamy yogurt

Sun Village Creamy Delite is an abounding variety of creamy yogurt which gives the feeling of fulfilment when you enjoy it in your meals or cook creamy gravies with it. It can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes as it gives a tangy flavour and a smooth texture to the dishes while mixing it with the flavours, spices, herbs and other desirable ingredients we add in. Sun Village Creamy Delite yogurt is made from locally sourced milk and active cultures.

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Daily dose of dairy

Nourish your appetite

Fermentation of milk is one of the oldest traditions followed by humans; Yogurt being a milk variety is made and consumed by humans since ages. Made with the authentic recipe, we have made Sun Village Creamy Delite Yogurt a perfect match for the daily dose of essential nutrients to boost several aspects of health. Adding our creamy yogurt in your daily diet is the simple way of enjoying dishes loaded with proteins and calcium.

Nutritional Information


76.0 kcal

Total Carbohydrates

4.8 g

Added Sugar

0.0 g


3.5 g

Total Fat

4.5 g

Saturated Fat

3.0 g




164.0 mg

A spoonful of good heavens

Surprise of quality and taste

Indian kitchen brims with the recipes which have yogurt as one of the main ingredients to add taste, texture and nutrition. Yogurt is used for many reasons in such dishes. To make the taste of spices mild, make the gravy thick, add a soft tangy flavour, bind the ingredients and aid digestion. Satisfying yogurt from Sun Village boosts many aspects of health and becomes the yogurt you would love to have with the surprising emotion ‘spoonful of good heavens’.

A spoonful of good heavens