Elaichi Milk
Elaichi Milk
Elaichi Milk

Elaichi Milk

Sharing the incredible freshness

Cardamom-flavoured Elaichi Milk from Sun Village is a classic homely treat offered incredibly for your fondness of fresh flavour. Cardamom flavor is a compliment to milk. Aromatic flavor of Elaichi aka Cardamom when mingles with milk, it gives you the feel of coolness in its taste. Known as the queen of spices, its infusion activates the taste and sensory elements making it the most preferred drink for milk lovers.

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The flavorful infusion

Works every time right

Elaichi has a very distinct taste of its own. It is sweet, a bit citrusy, smokey, with a limey-floral kind of aroma that triggers mind. It is also considered a good source of limonene, a kind of antioxidant typically found in the skin of citrus fruits that attracts immediate attention with its flavor and fragrance. Fit to enjoy in any season and in every frame of mind, Sun Village Elaichi milk makes the milk worth your attention.

Nutritional Information


88.0 kcal

Total Carbohydrates

12.5 g

Added Sugar

8.0 g


2.9 g

Total Fat

3.0 g

Saturated Fat

2.1 g


146.1 mg

From the pods of pleasure

Extracting the best taste for you

Sun Village’s Elaichi milk can be combined easily with snacks and food, thanks to its compatible taste and aroma ready to combine with both sweet and spicy dishes like creamy kheer, biryani and many more. Back from the memories of the kitchen, Sun Village creates a recall of Elaichi’s smell in the wind of home for its consumers to hold dear in the form of Elaichi milk.

From the pods of pleasure