Low-fat Probiotic Dahi
Low-fat Probiotic Dahi
Low Fat Dahi

Low-fat Probiotic Dahi

Sharing the hearty pick of yogurt

A good hike of energy for health conscious people, Sun Village Low-Fat Probiotic Dahi takes the motive of fitness-desiring people to the next level. Keeping hunger torments away, Low-Fat Probiotic Dahi is a wonderful addition to your diet as it can be combined with your choicest healthy meals. The living bacteria in probiotics keep intestines healthy, boost the immune system and help in weight management. Keep calm, as your well-being takes a positive note from Sun Village Probiotic Dahi.

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Keeps on flourishing

The pink of health

Sun Village’s Probiotic dahi is a humble ingredient for light breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is recommended for fitness freak people due to its quick burning whey protein. The best dairy food for digestive health, Sun Village Probiotic Dahi also substitutes heavy cream in dressings and even mayonnaise in sandwich and burgers for the nutritive touch to the meals. Dieting or enjoying healthy was never boring with Sun Village Probiotic Dahi.

Nutritional Information


54.0 kcal

Total Carbohydrates

5.0 g

Added Sugar

0.0 g


3.7 g

Total Fat

1.5 g

Saturated Fat

1.0 g




164.0 mg

Relish your dairy wonder

Thicker, thinner or frozen

It can be combined with fresh fruits, granola or whole wheat breakfast. When seasoned with dry herbs, pepper and a little bit of salt, it tastes perfect for the taste-loving person in you. The enjoyment doubles when probiotic dahi is blended with fresh fruits for yummy smoothies, mixed with fruit purees or juice to make frozen pops or when yogurt parfait is made out of it to begin a great day.

Relish your dairy wonder