Mint Tadka Raita
Mint Tadka Raita
Mint Tadka Raita

Mint Tadka Raita

Sharing the duo of chilly and chili

Mint Tadka Raita from Sun Village is the fusion of ice and fire in creamy yogurt. It holds two very engaging flavours of mint’s coolness and chilli’s hotness together to give a very appetizing taste of dahi ka raita to its enjoyers. Mint Tadka Raita makes every meal a special meal and no one can ever stop at one spoon or a dip. It refreshes mind, soothes the soul, flavours food and favours health with the goodness of natural ingredients.

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Dip, Spread, Mix, Scoop

The Irresistible Extravagance

Sun Village Raitas are accompaniments of food which increases the scope of food enjoyment at the next level. Savor it your way—dip the parathas or nachos in it, spread it on chicken wings, mix it in biryani, vegetables or scoop it directly from the jar, your way is the best way to enjoy the irresistible taste of Mint Tadka Raita. Once you have it, you can’t resist.

Nutritional Information


41.0 kcal

Total Carbohydrates

4.6 g

Added Sugar

0.0 g


2.9 g

Total Fat

1.2 g

Saturated Fat

0.8 g




140.0 mg

Complete your meals

Compliment your hunger

Raitas were included in Indian cuisine for several reasons. One was to make the taste of certain dishes mild, like the spiciness of dishes having excess masalas. Another reason to pair Mint Tadka Raita with meals is the monotonous taste some dishes have. Now, enjoying the spiciness of a dish and cooling factor of raita one by one is another pleasing elation. Food lovers, go break the monotony of taste and indulge in the taste of Sun Village’s Mint Tadka Raita.

Complete your meals