Sharing extra soft love of Paneer

Sun Village Paneer is made from fresh milk and yielded naturally after following the perfect method of curdling milk; this gives paneer lovers an extra soft quality of this superfood. Made in the most hygienic conditions, untouched by hand, Sun Village’s fresh Paneer is too savoury and can be used in multiple dishes. It’s delicate milky, buttery and nutty flavour with nutrition like calcium, protein, potassium, phosphorous, CLA and more contribute abundant benefits for good health.

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The well-known ancient food

Building health since ages

Paneer has a strong history and is also mentioned in the Rigveda. In ancient times, paneer was fed to warriors due to its nutrition. Today, paneer is an inseparable part of the global kitchen because of its versatile nature. It can be combined with different spices, vegetables, non-vegetarian food and various culinary ingredients to make a dish of choice. Paneer can be eaten in different ways; raw or cooked, fried or roasted, crumbled or toasted, it is perfect the way you like it.

Nutritional Information


332.0 kcal

Total Fat

28.0 g

Saturated Fat

15.5 g


35.6 mg


18.0 g

Total Carbohydrates

2.0 g

Added Sugar

0.00 g


803.1 mcg


508.39 mcg

Vitamin A (Retinol)

240.0 mcg

A bite of great joy

Eating milk was never better

Sun Village Paneer can be enjoyed daily at any hour of the day from breakfast to dinner, keeping hunger pangs at bay. Go traditional with mouth-watering and finger-licking palak paneer, or gravy-based and delicious paneer butter masala, fall for inviting and marinated tandoors or go contemporary with paneer wraps, sandwiches or salads, Sun Village Paneer will give you that most wanted bite of taste and nutrition together.

A bite of great joy