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Welcome to Sun Village, where community, unity, and sustainability come together as one powerful symbol. Our farmers, deeply connected to their traditions, understand the importance of all living things working together. Through regenerative farming practices, we ensure that our products not only delight your senses but also align with the principles of ecological harmony.

At Sun Village, we firmly believe that knowing the origin of your food goes far beyond just being a trend; it's a fundamental right. That's why we're on a mission to transform your food experience, one traceable bite at a time.

Come join us in savoring the flavors of a more wholesome, transparent, and sustainable future! Together, let's embrace a new way of enjoying food that respects our environment and nourishes our souls.

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1% for the planet

As a member of 1% for the planet, Sun village aims to protect the planet by giving to nonprofits that focus on creating sustainable food systems.

Sustainable Practices

Sun Village cultivates a greener future through mindful farming and manufacturing practices, where sustainability is at the core of every seed sown and every product crafted.

No Middlemen

Sun Village embraces a direct farm-to-finished product policy, eliminating middlemen and fostering transparency, ensuring a journey from field to table that's as pure as it gets.


Sun Village takes traceability to heart, willing you to follow the life of our produce and products, from farm to your hands, with complete transparency and peace of mind.