No one can share
like the Sun & You

We all have the privilege of sharing. When we share, we actually exchange the warmth, care, love, oomph, laughter, sometimes just smiles or a nodding appreciation. Sharing makes us special; like the Sun.

Sharing is unconditional

Drink, eat, slurp, lick

We are already sharing – through Sun Village. Because among all the stars the Sun is our favourite. We are dairy products manufacturers in India with experience of family-owned business from years. We believe that sharing compliments the concept of humanity, health, and happiness.

At Sun Village, we procure fresh milk from 50,000+ family farmers to produce nutritious and delicious dairy products like filling flavoured milk, yummy dahi, delectable raita, extra soft paneer and rich ghee, produced through the values of purity with perfection and quality with comfort.

mix products

Sharing tastes delicious

Cook your tasty conversations

Recipes are a medium of cooking; both dishes and stories.Come on, start heating, boiling, blending, grilling or baking with us and sharing with near and dear ones.

tastes delicious stories

Sharing our interesting stories

Stay close to us and listen
22 Jan 2019

Origins of Paneer

Paneer, as great in taste also is an interesting subject to be talked about. We know paneer onl

17 Jan 2019

The spillover benefits of chocolate...

Chocolate is not only tempting in a form of a bar. There are numerous forms, types and natures

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