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Introducing "Essentials" by Sun Village - artisanal products that have been mindfully crafted with love to go beyond the ordinary and make your daily life extraordinary.

Treat yourself to the luxury that is our Camel Ghee, carefully crafted to add a touch of richness to every bite. Enjoy the velvety smoothness of our Goat Milk Powder, a delightful addition to your culinary creations. Explore the exotic charm of our Camel Milk Powder, a treasure trove of nutrition that adds goodness to your wellness routine. With a deep-rooted passion for quality, at Sun Village, we're committed to sustainability and traceability, ensuring that each spoonful of our Essentials reflects the perfect fusion of nature's bounty and the magic of food.

Goat Milk Powder

Experience the creamy delight of Goat Milk Powder, unlocking a world of taste and nourishment!

Camel Milk Powder

Indulge in the luxurious vitality of Camel Milk Powder, elevating your daily life!

Camel Ghee

Indulge in the decadence of Camel Ghee, the golden secret to culinary bliss!



At Sun Village, our purpose is clear and inspired. We strive for excellence, protect the environment, and care for our farmers and communities. Our goal is to create a harmonious realm where passion meets perfection. With sustainable practices, we bring hope and positive change while offering exceptional products that enhance the lives of our valued customers.

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Product Tracebility


We strongly believe that understanding where your food comes from goes way beyond being a trend; it's a fundamental right. We know that, as someone who loves food, you care about knowing exactly what you're eating – where it comes from, its quality, and having peace of mind. That's why we are dedicated to giving you an outstanding food experience by prioritizing traceability in everything we offer.



We prioritize the environment above all else, here at Sun Village. We reduce waste, manage resources responsibly, and nurture nature. By promoting sustainable living, we inspire our community to make a positive impact that extends beyond our borders. Together, we create a future where prosperity and environmental stewardship go hand in hand, ensuring a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Sustainable Living

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