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1%For the Planet

As a proud member of "1% for the Planet," Sun Village is dedicated to safeguarding our planet. Our commitment extends to supporting non-profit organizations that focus on fostering sustainable food systems.

By allocating 1% of our sales or profits to this initiative, we actively contribute to the development of eco-friendly agricultural practices and the preservation of our environment, ensuring a more sustainable and responsible food industry for future generations.

For the Planet
Ethical Sourcing


At Sun Village, we believe that ethical sourcing isn't just an afterthought; it's the very foundation of our mission. We forge strong partnerships with farmers, built on the principles of fair trade, to ensure that our products are not only sourced responsibly and with transparency, but also empower the communities that grow them.

This approach goes beyond simply conforming to quality standards; it promotes economic development and social well-being, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable food industry. Our commitment to ethical sourcing is deeply intertwined with our dedication to delivering the finest products while making a positive impact on the world.



Sustainable living is not just a slogan at Sun Village; it's a way of life. Beyond reducing waste through recyclable and reusable packaging, we continually seek innovative solutions to lower our carbon footprint and promote sustainability throughout our operations.

Our commitment extends to sourcing ingredients from local suppliers, supporting different communities, and minimizing energy consumption. By embracing nature-first practices, Sun Village strives to be a positive force for both consumers and the environment, ensuring a brighter, greener future for all.

Sustainable Living